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form builder features

  • Safe and Secure
  • Site Embding
  • Item Rules
  • Email
  • Multiple Pages
  • Credit Cards
  • Logo and Images
  • Captcha
Safe and Secure

Secure & Protected

  • Create secure forms on your site
  • Protect your submissions & results
  • Utilize encryption on sensitive data
  • Recieve special guidelines on best practices
  • Use SSL to protect your data without complicated steps
Site Embding

Use your ODO site or use your own!

  • Be able to use a unique url for any form or embed on your site
  • No extra programming needed: copy and paste code
  • Multiple embedding options & formats available
  • Choose from library of different themes and styles or easily customize
  • Odo makes it simple to add forms & function to your site
Item Rules


  • Customize the flow of your form using a set of rules
  • Show/Hide individual items based on user input
  • Jump to different pages on your form
  • Require specific information to be entered
  • Add and remove content quickly & easily

Set Custom Rules & Notifications

  • Send results or custom messages quickly & easily
  • Customize your content, including results from forms
  • Implement a receipt to be sent to your users
  • Notify others of new results when they arrive
  • Best of all... its AUTOMATIC!
Multiple Pages

A form for EVERYONE!

  • Break your forms into multiple pages
  • Make a long form easier to fill out for your users
  • Save partial results between pages
  • Enable more advanced features such as Rules
  • Make forms easy, fast & best of all ACCURATE!
Credit Cards

Integrate payments into your forms

  • Process payments separately, or automatically
  • Use payment services such as PayPal, Google Checkout, or even Pay By Check!
  • Users confirm order before processing
  • Ensure safety for you & your users with security options
Logo and Images

Private Labeled Site & Forms

  • Upload your own logo to SeamlessDocs
  • Customize your form’s branding
  • Create more interesting & exciting forms
  • Change up the look and feel of boring forms
  • Make sure your users see what you want them to see

Spam Protect your forms

  • Prevent form spam with Captcha
  • Verify that a legitimate result has been submitted
  • Simple one-click addition to forms
  • Odo makes quick work of spam, so you can focus on
    real leads and clients!